Let’s face it, regardless how often menstruation is a subject of a joke, it is shrouded in the hushed tone. I admit that I truly hate the terrible mood swings in addition to the physical discomfort during those five dreaded days. For this purpose, Cosset box is a blessing in terms of ensuring relief and avoiding the last minute run to medicine shop for purchasing periods essentials.

What is Cosset box?

Cosset box is a premium period subscription service which delivers period essentials and goodies at your doorstep just before your period begins. It comes in two categories:

  1. Basic: It includes only period essentials, i.e sanitary napkins, tampons & panty liners.
  2. Indulgence: It includes period essentials, comfort foods, pampering items and hand picked gifts selected by specialists to lift up your mood.

At first, when I heard of cosset box I had my thoughts skittering from what exactly it’d be like to if it’s even worth. I had an opportunity to try indulgence box and to my surprise parcel arrived just on time.

What all products did I receive in Cosset box?

Let’s take a look at it-

Period Essentials:

  1.     2 Whisper ultra clean XL wings pack of 7.
  2.     1 Whisper Ultra nights XL pack of 7

You can pick up to any 3 packets from brand of your choice. It can be customized from various options including Whisper, Sofy, She, Stayfree, Ob, Carefree.

Pampering Goodies:

  1. Almond Milk Moisturizer from Bio Bloom – It’d be an understatement to say that I liked it a lot when the truth is that i fell in love with this product instantly. Enveloped in a 50ml travel-friendly adorable bottle, It encapsulates a delicate fragrance of almond blossoms, reflects the chemical free rich quality and certainly softens skin gently.
  2. Handmade Lavender Soap from Bio Bloom – It turned out to be a personal version of sheer luxurious pampering during those rough days. The wonderful fragrance of this parabens and sulphate free soap revitalize skin and induce relaxation. Needless to say, it is an asset and I want to continue using the same.
  3. Facial bar by The Pink Foundation – I wonder who doesn’t want a glowing skin? This mix of Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti), sandalwood powder and glycerine is a gentle reminder to rejuvenate yourself once a while and I’m convinced that it is indeed a very sensible addition to the perks. Further counting on benefits it also helps to remove dead skin and fight acne breakouts and blemishes. This can be air dried to use for the second time.

Comfort Food:

  1. Chamomiles green tea by Assamica Agro – Glad to know that cosset understands the need of a hot steaming cup of tea to ease menstrual discomfort and what else could be better than the healthiest beverage. It’s an absolute delight to come across this and it is the finest green tea I have tasted so far.
  2. Fortune cookie – I was thrilled to find a fortune cookie and couldn’t resist to savour it. Though It was cracked but I loved the taste, crispness and of course message. Thumbs up for a little dose of happiness.
  3. Chocolate chunk nutty bar by yoga bar – Chocolates and instant mood lift always go together. However, in case if given a choice of replacing any one item of all, It’d be this without a second thought. I personally didn’t like it at all and on a scale of 1-10, it’s a complete spoiler for me. I suggest a simple dairy milk would be a lot better option to consider.

Intimate Essentials:

Everteen’s intimate care travel pack containing wipes and a bottle of intimate wash to be slipped in a handbag and ensure hygiene on the move is definitely again a wise selection.

Additionally enclosed with Kaaryah’s special offer for subscribers.

How does it work?

It work in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pick what goes in your box.
  2. Key in your period details.
  3. Get your box on time.

Expected pocket damages?

Cosset Box basic starts from Rs. 300/- per month and Indulgence starts from Rs. 950/- per month. Quarterly/half yearly/yearly subscriptions are also available at discounted rates. Browse their website to know more how Cosset Box works.

Aye or nay?

I loved the Cosset box concept not only because it is beautifully executed, but also the fact that at least somebody has taken an initiative to take care of women during a period cycle. Each item is carefully picked, bringing the finest collection of thoughtful goodies along with period essentials to pamper and cheer you. Overall I’m happy with this little treasure box and it is quite overwhelming to be treated with sheer awesomeness all at once. So, naturally, it’s strongly recommended to give it a try and could be renewed once in a while. It might occur to be a pricey deal but then it’s all worth for the return you’d gain from your investment.