Being a pet parent has its own share of struggles when it comes to choosing a perfect canine apparel for your furry baby. We love our little munchkins to the moon and back; hence, need to ensure nothing but just the best for them. While the internet has bizarre options for the dog t-shirts, the quirky question which certainly deserves a second thought is how a dog would wear a pant? Of course, only if he would! Will he cover all the four legs or just the hind legs? Interestingly, the pet fashion debate went viral on December 29, 2015 when Maxim deputy editor Jared Keller tweeted an illustration with this simple yet tricky question.

                       Image source: FB page – Utopian Raspberry – Modern Oasis Machine

Though I would personally love to pick the two-legged pants but I had to dig into the details to look for the perfect apparel for my pooch. The nerdist has clarified that front and hind limbs of dogs are distinct and it makes sense to not to consider that dogs have a double set of legs. Also, I believe in terms of comfort and experimenting a wide range of fashion trends, the two-legged pant happens to gain extra cents than other. However, let’s have a look what some of the below-mentioned munchkins think about it:

  1. Err, is it even a question? Dude! How would I pair four-legged pants with a pawsome collection of T-shirts? You silly hooman!

                                  Image source:


  1. Yay! Momma got me this stylish dungaree yesterday. I’m head over paws in wuv with this.  
                                                   Image source:


  1. And you thought only you could flaunt your classy sleeveless white top with comfortable denim jeans? Heh, Noooo!

                           Image source:

    4. Woof! Why aren’t you understanding? I love sporting my lil baggy two-legged pants with military t-shirts while playing.

                                                         Image source:

    5. Four-legged pants? Like whaaaaat? I shall better not comment.

                         Image source:

Whoa! Looks like these furry bundle of cuteness are taking their clothing seriously. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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