The Unsent Valentine’s Day Letter


The voice of your heart is deeper than my fears, and I’m drawn to stay drunk on the fact I love you immensely regardless of the madness. Amidst the chaos I bring into your life, I hope I bring the calm to an equal extent. I hope to be that wave in your sea which makes you uncomfortable yet helps you in ensuring that you keep growing and discovering new horizons. I hope to be the warmth on a frozen winter morning. I hope to be the whiff of your favorite fragrance. I hope to be your taste of success and feeling of peace. I hope to be the love and gratitude in infinite random moments we’d be sharing together. I hope to gift you more smiles than the occasional hurt, and just like that your world becomes ours, your dreams become ours, your pain becomes my worry, and your laughter becomes my life. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the idea of sharing both struggles and achievements. You’ve been one of the answered prayers, and an imperfectly perfect being to kick start a new phase with. As I flip through the pages from the journey of all these years and recall the times that implanted twinkles in our eyes, I eagerly look forward to countless banters & laughter. May all the happiness curls up in your arms and you embrace it all with your both hands. A life filled with wonderful times awaits, Happy Valentine’s Day.