At the stroke of midnight, wondering what life might be in like 5 years down the line, Clueless. Perhaps living lives of a machine like people around the world in every bunch of matchbox apartments with no substantial amount of money or no money at all. She sat on her bed wide awake, waiting for parents to snuck in gobs of balloons, glittered surprise gifts and of course the full spectrum fabulous Rainbow cake. Holding the yellow coloured girlish phone prepped for the tonnes of wishes to flood, excited to look forward what this year would bring in. Last year her sixteenth birthday wasn’t any less than a dream gifting her all what really mattered as if the candles corresponded to wishes on her list and surprisingly each coming true every time a candle lit. Half an hour passed but nobody came in. She double checked the clock and then rushed towards door hoping for the much-awaited greetings with joyous cries. The empty room had a different smell, walls sharing the pain and nothing seemed like yesterday. Her mother knelt shedding tears beside Jennifer Nielsen, sobbing for grief of losing her darling daughter.