It’s often immensely heartbreaking when we come across cases where adorable furry munchkins are abandoned by newly loving extra possessive parents because of the arrival of a toddler. This story of a 3-year-old foster child, Buddy, and a labradoodle, Regan, however certainly restores the faith in humanity portraying a heartwarming friendship taken to a whole new level.

‘Sandi and Eric Swiridoff adopted Reagan when he was eight weeks old as a way to cope when their daughter had to give up her first two foster children.’, Buddy’s grandmother, Sandi, told Daily Mail. She also revealed that Buddy has been with their daughter for nearly two years since he was 11 months.  She further added, ‘From having a bath to enjoying a coffee by the water, Buddy and his labradoodle friend Reagan do everything together.’

Check out the uber cool pawsome pictures featuring the terrific duo slaying an irresistible bonding shared on official Instagram page

1. Anyone for a Kona coffee latte with pineapple whip – extra whipped? In meantime, we bet Reagan would be looking forward to share lattes with Buddy for a lifetime! ☕

2. Boo – we’ve got perfect partners in crime fishing for unconditional love & free hugs from you. ?

3. And while they’re brightening up each other’s life, we just cannot stop gushing countless awww over pictures. ?

4. Sorting weekend plans to paawww-ty with baby hooman looks enchanting. ?

5. One of those ‘Drifting through life with you by my side – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.’ moment. ?

6. Looks like Buddy always bring back Reagan’s missing smile with soooper kisses & hugs. ?

7. Together they run towards forever – and future certainly looks bright. ?

This unique bond of theirs is soon going to be immortalized in a book this year to support Foster Parents Night Out, an organisation that works with foster families and will include never before seen photos, showcasing their relationship from the time they first met, up until now, almost two years later. We hope this furrtastic bond sets an extraordinary example for our society to befriend pooches & shower love & care. After all, they also deserve to Live.Love.Woof.  ❤