While your Instagram feed ensures that you never run out of food porn and there are bizarre inspirational food bloggers who are exceptionally taking food love to the next level, You’d be in absolute awe to know about this lil canine pup, Popeye, who’s stealing the show with his woofing cuteness across the world.

“I found him as a stray,” Ivy told Bored Panda. “He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, dirty.” She further added that It didn’t take him much time to bond with her other dogs and soon she and her husband fell in love with him. Later, they realised that Popeye is good around food whenever they took him with them and when one of their friends suggested creating an Instagram profile for Popeye, This LA pup became a talk of the town for his impeccable charm during their Instagram Dates – Jen & Ivy’s food trips.

Let’s take a look into the yummilicious world of Popeye on his Official Instagram Page

  1. OMG! Where do I begin with? UMMM, FRIES may be?
  2. Whoa! Some more FRIIIIEESS…YUMZZAA
  3. And mommy, MY OMELETTE is sunny side up – exactly just how I WUV it! 
  4. It’s a MASSIVE PERFECT BURGER today.. *Grins*
  6. I just cannot have enough of this.. * BURRRPS*
    It just takes love to transform the lives, once an unwanted stray pup found a whole new meaning to life and now living a fluffy topsy-turvy life. On the scale of 1-10, how eagerly you wish to take your pooch on food dates and attempt to capture their quirky side? In case you ever tried or planning to – do share pawsome pictures & write to us! Last but not the least, Popeye has definitely amplified the pooch date goals, Isn’t it? ♥