When the loneliness surrounds and the nothingness takes you to the semi-asleep mood, you get lost in the memories to live them once again feeling like drifting with the clouds on so high. You don’t care about the world around you even though you know you don’t live the dreams you weave, oh, no, not unless you’re stuck on some level in inception. You really can’t hate the world, not because you’re part of it but because your dreams are buried here, somewhere. You know put yourself back into the real life no matter what and feel the hidden essence of time. Days seem dull sometimes, but the sun always shines in its own way. In the same way, when the road on which you’re running on alone seems endless, smile just once, because the dust fairies dancing in the sunbeam are there every day to wish you “GOOD MORNING”



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I am an avid foodie, moody reader, ambivert by nature, Leo for life, Social media junkie and a travel enthusiast. Someone who is fascinated with words and believes that writing unravels the knots in thinking.

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