Being a travel enthusiast I’ve always believed that the best is yet to be visited because now when the travel bug has bitten, there’s no antidote to cure the irresistible desire to chase adventures. My favourite memory from 2017 so far is witnessing an unexpected snowfall which I’ve been longing to experience. Bringing in an excerpt from my march trip to Manali, nestled in the Himachal Pradesh, an enchanting getaway destination to escape from the monotonous city buzz.

March beginning grace Manali with pleasant sunny days and cold nights. We scheduled our short trip on March 5th and began our journey in the night from Delhi. As we were told earlier, the weather didn’t hint winter perks at all. Surprisingly, we woke up to the sound of pouring rain on the second day of our stay when we had planned to visit Solang Valley. And, Voila! While we were on our way Solang, we were immensely thrilled to witness snowfall, the temperature rolled down by countless notches to the freezing point.

There’s nothing quite as serene as seeing the surrounding covered in a fresh sheet of snow. And as it was an unlocking of travel goal for me, It’s quite difficult to encapsulate the feeling in words. If you are a nature lover and snow lures you, then you couldn’t have been more grateful for the trick weather played. The fascinating part was the marvellous scenic beauty straight out of the movie scene, snow capped hills, and the magnificent white layered blanket tucking the entire city in its astonishing view.

I remember being spellbound childlike, embracing the magical surroundings as if I had entered in another quite different world. Oh, how I wish I could travel back in time, and relive the beautiful memories stitched to the pictures. And as I’m writing this piece, I just cannot stop smiling because it has been that amazing.

Have you ever felt that there’s this moment you don’t want to let go? I lived that. Though we couldn’t travel further towards the Solang Valley due to the potential risks weather had called in for, but it was one spectacular journey. Wherever I would go for the rest of my life, it will stay with me.

Go collect your stories to share! Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working or mowing your lawn, or agonizing over unanswered calls. Climb that god damn mountain with the ones you love. There is always a brilliant sunset, rolling fog, shifting seasons, and new inviting lands to explore… and the view is glorious.