First love is that indescribable feeling wherein no matter how many fancy words you try to fit, you somehow feel you are lacking something or other. It’s hilarious how falling head over heels in love with someone gives you an immense courage to pour out your heart in a manner you never imagined.

I vividly remember how ecstatic I was the first time I realized that until the day my heart throbs, it’s always gonna go gogogagga over H because I was sure that no one can deal with this crazy heart of mine like he does. Below is the first ever short love poetry I had written almost 4 years ago for him.

In your words I am you,
In my words you are me,
Of the madness and of you n’ me,
It’s going on like the weirdest lucid dream.
Amidst the words unsaid,
It’s witty the way we’ve met,
Perhaps all written in fate,
Strangely leaving us amazed.
Unknown path and miles apart,
Trashing the fears,
Trying to break out,
From the same old crowd.
Someday I would flip the pages,
Of the book of my past,
To reread the chapter,
To smile and hysterically laugh.

Wondering why am I sharing it here after all these years? Because to the world, I may appear sensible, sober, reserved, poised and all those fancy jargon’s you can think of, but at the heart, I’m still drunk on the very idea of being one of those childish grown-ups who still slips an email every now & then in his inbox for reminding him that he’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me.