I know how difficult it is to scream at those absolutely breathtaking beautiful eyes and avoid the innocent demands. While I had often thought what harm a little share from my plate would do to my dog, I had no idea that It could actually put my munchkin in danger. Until one day when it was quite a surprise how grapes almost caused a severe health threat to our dog.

It’s true that even though we want to share the best with our pets and want our furry baby to cherish all the amazing food but we CANNOT let them do that. So, let’s quickly check out what could be extremely harmful to your little one unknowingly:

1. Note it, hoooooman! GRAPES can lead to intoxication and develop an acute kidney injury.
Dog eating grapes
Image source: www.barkingroyalty.com

2. Yes, your light snack, APPLE CORES can result in cyanide poisoning for your pooch. Watch out for the symptoms of toxicity! 
Can dog eat apple
Image source: www.dogpack.com

3. Theobromine in CHOCOLATES is the KILLER causing a toxic and deadly result: increased heart rate, central nervous system stimulation and constriction of arteries.
Dog eating chocolate
Image source: www.pets4homes.co.uk

4. NEVER let your dog grab a raw dough. RAW YEAST DOUGH ferments in the stomach, producing alcohol which is toxic and can potentially rupture the stomach or intestines.Dog Looking at Yeast Dough
Image source: www.pets.webmd.com

5. It could be tempting to share your ICE CREAM with your dog but it can cause diarrhoea and trigger food allergies which can cause itching. Instead, giving an ice cube works.
dog eating icecream
Image source: www.abovetopsecret.com

Only you can ensure your dog’s healthy life. Even though the above-mentioned foods are toxic for your pooch, there’re other options that make a woofilicious treat. If you know any other toxic food then do mention in the comments below. Stay tuned for the next post!