Book Name: I am big. So what!?
Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra
Publisher: Fingerprint Lite
Number of pages: 200
Price: Rs. 199

Rating : 3.5/5

I wanted something enjoyable to read. That’s when I ordered ‘I’m big. So what!?’ on Amazon after reading the description and believing that it would deem some laughs. As the title suggests, the story circles around a girl who is overweight & far from being a head turner. The lead character, Roli is an independent freelance graphic designer soon turning 30. This book narrates her crazy journey of finding Mr Imperfectly perfect. Amidst dealing with awkward reactions from society scaling on her massive numbers, Being dumped by the only man she ever loved, Irked by parents who are on marathon chase for the appropriate suitor, and annoying orange aunty targeting her as a commodity in an arranged marriage market; Roli bumps into Kabir, her long lost school crush who bullied her then, as a possible suitable suitor.

Roli loved dressing up regardless of occasions, unlike being someone who’s constantly whining after wimping workout sessions to lose some pounds, she is comfortable with her imperfections. However she does have her share of failed attempts of overcoming temptations, recounts of umpteen embarrassing experiences including at a spa parlour and fear of not finding love ever but this doesn’t stop her from living for herself. This is a story of personal struggles to be someone who you are & defy the stereotypes; The story which urges to put body shaming in a trash and live the way you want.

What I love About Shuchi’s Book?

This book consists of what everything a chick lit must have.  The author somehow successfully brings love, drama, friendship, heartbreak, twists together in a nutshell. To be honest it is predictable and at times too sweet to digest but what makes it stand out is crisp humour and originality of characters that one could easily connect with. I especially loved how Monika, Roli’s best friend, has been written depicting the genuine circumstances one could land into.

Place your order for a fun weekend read while lazing on a couch and get your witty bones tickled.

About the author – Shuchi Singh Kalra is a writer, editor, and blogger based in India. She writes for publications and businesses and also runs a writing firm called the Pixie Dust Writing Studio. Her first book, Done With Men, featured on the Amazon bestseller lists for two consecutive years.